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Elaine Field is a London-based luxury fashion and lifestyle brand born out of an instinctive desire to create clothes and objects as works of art that are a joy to wear and use.

Founded by Lara Rogers in 2022, Elaine Field responds to the way we live now. At, clothing, jewellery, objects, and art converse with each other on a platform that champions personal expression, sentiment alongside style, and longevity over the latest thing.

Named after Lara’s Barbadian grandmother who would make clothes and jewellery for her granddaughter, a deep appreciation of people lies at the heart of Elaine Field. From our artisans, designers and craftspeople to our customers, fastidious attention to the finest details exalts the hand touch and curates luxury through an artisanal lens. As such, clothing is designed and handmade in London, jewellery eschews moulds for hand-sculpted wax, and collaborations are intuitively decided upon based on the ethical and creative credentials of our colleagues.

Driven by our motivations, Elaine Field embraces romance and sensuality in symbiosis with sophistication and modernity, designing objects of desire for everyone and remaining open to all.

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Our Founder

Elaine Field founder and Creative Director Lara Rogers was first inspired to enter the world of fashion and jewellery while growing up in Barbados. It was there where her grandmother, Elaine Field, would crochet clothes for a young Lara on her front porch and relay stories of how she would melt down her old jewellery to make new pieces in nearby Bridgetown.

After taking her talent to London, Lara started designing clothes for her first collection alongside studying Jewellery and Metal at the Royal College of Art. When she graduated in 2020, she decided to combine her skills and ambition and establish a fashion and lifestyle brand with a responsible and sentimental approach to artisanal craft, reflective of the way we live now – and there was no question what to call it.

As Creative Director, Lara is hands-on from idea to realisation and works closely with her London team of seamstresses, artisans, and collaborators to ensure positive impact across her brand and each project it embarks upon.


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